Dr. Vladimir Pastouk

Dr. Vladimir Pastouk, a world-renowned Cleveland, Ohio dentist, specializes in delivering outstanding dental treatment. Because to his talents, experience, and attention to detail, Dr. Pastouk has become a global authority in dentistry. The European Congress of Implantologists gave him a silver medal for implant-supported attractive dental implant crowns. This prestigious award is granted to him in honour of his significant contributions to implant and cosmetic dentistry research and teaching.

Dr. Pastouk's interest in dentistry began as a child when he extracted a tooth from an animal's skull. He has fulfilled his grownup ambition of becoming a dentist by putting in the time and effort required to get the requisite training and credentials. Dr. Pastouk graduated from the Kiev Medical University School of Dentistry in Ukraine in 1991. After working at the University Hospitals of Cleveland for a period, he decided to specialize on dental implants and aesthetics.

The Advanced Standing Program at Nova Southeastern University's College of Dentistry was awarded to Dr. Vladimir Pastouk. Dr. Pastouk moved to Cleveland after finishing this extra dental training. During a one-year Mini-residency in Atlanta, he learned about dental implants and bone grafting.

Vladimir Pastouk has established a reputation as a very talented dentist during the course of his career. He is praised for offering a wide variety of therapies to both children and adults at his Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry office.
Dr. Pastouk's unrivaled leadership has ensured that all patients get complete dental treatment at an affordable cost. Among the treatments he offers are gingivitis therapy, root canal treatment of teeth assessment and recovery, extractions, and dental implants.

Dr. Pastouk's practice is equipped with a CT scanner and cutting-edge laser equipment, allowing him to provide comprehensive and minimally invasive surgery and implant procedures. Dr. Vladimir Pastouk's credentials are outstanding, since he is board-certified in both Naturopathy and Biological Dental Medicine.

Dr. Pastouk conducts tongue-tie surgery at his Cleveland office. In this operation, the lingual frenulum, or the skin that links the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, is decreased. Breastfeeding problems, respiratory issues, and speech development delays are all frequent in infants born with an unusually tight lingual frenulum.

Dr. Vladimir, as a cosmetic dentist, offers Invisalign treatments to patients who wish to straighten their teeth. Dr. Pastouk also evaluates dental acupuncture meridians. This therapy may address gagging and dental reflexes, temporomandibular locking and clicking, odd face pain, and other oral disorders without requiring surgery.

Dr. Vladimir Pastouk utilizes ceramic implants to replace the gaps caused by lost teeth. These implants improve the patient's bite, smile, and ability to speak effectively. Furthermore, Dr. Pastouk has invested a significant amount of time and money in delivering biological dental surgery to his patients. Certain oral health problems may be addressed using one's own immune cells and Ozono therapy in these surgeries.

DMD Dr. Pastouk is a member of the American Association for Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), making him one of only a few dentists in the world to have this honor. In addition to his other duties at the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Cosmetics, he is the Vice President and Director of Clinical Education.

Dr. Hess' qualifications include membership in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, fellowship in the Misch International Implant Institute, and Diplomate status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Dr. Vladimir Pastouk is a well-known lecturer on oral health subjects such as holistic dentistry, tongue-tie surgery, and airway health. The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) and the International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists are two among them (IAMSD).

In his leisure time, Dr. Pastouk raises funds for philanthropic organizations. He has launched a GoFundMe page (doctors4ukraine) to raise funds for physicians who are assisting with search and rescue operations in Ukraine.

Dr. Vladimir was born and spent his early years in Ternopil, Ukraine. He finally moved to America and settled in Cleveland, where he currently works as a dentist and lives with his wife. Dr. Pastouk enjoys reading, traveling, sports, and spending time with his family in his leisure time.